How Has The US Baccarat Changed Due To Asians?

The Asian high rollers brought about several changes to American Baccarat. This was because the game was suited to Asian cultural preferences.

The origin of Baccarat is found in the gambling salons of France and Italy. During the past 30 years, the rise of Baccarat in the United States has made it the number 1 casino game in the world. In 2006, the Macau casinos overtook the Las Vegas casinos concerning the money made by casinos in cities across the globe.

In 2017, 40 casinos in Macau collected 88 percent of their money from Baccarat. Similarly, the casinos in Singapore also collect a major part of their revenue from Baccarat. The casinos in Las Vegas accrue 18% of their money from Baccarat, although most casino goers are unaware of the game’s rules.

Pre-Asian Baccarat in the US

Bill Zender has progressed from being a former Nevada Gaming Control Agent and casino dealer to a current consultant. He is an eyewitness to the growth of Baccarat in the US. He had revealed that in the past when casinos didn’t have Asian players, American casinos had to use aesthetics to entice people to the game. So, the casinos used to have attractive women in evening gowns, dealers in tuxedos, and big double tables. The ambiance of the casinos was identical to a James Bond movie.

Post-Asian Baccarat in the US

Zender says that during the past 20 years, affluent Asians have displayed a rising preference for Baccarat. The reason is that this game is uniquely suited to the cultural preferences of Asians. Due to the influx of Asians, the Americans altered the way of playing the game. After shuffling the cards, they are inserted into the dealing shoe. The game proceeds based on pre-determined rules. A player is not subjected to standing or hitting. It is because Asians believe that their fortune flows into the shoe.

Before the coming of the Asians, if a dealer made an error, the Americans would discard the card. But, the Asians think that this adversely affects their fortune, and hence, they leave the table. Due to this, the Americans began saving the card and started dealing with a dummy hand.

The rich Asian players are not much impressed by the James Bond movie ambiance. They pay no heed to double tables, dealers in tuxedos, and beautiful women in gowns. So, the Americans began playing the game on a single table, much like a Blackjack game. In high-limit regions, the table minimums are expensive. So, the Americans began playing the game on the regular casino floor with low-value minimums.

In Singapore, the bets on a single hand reach up to 0.55 million USD. In the Las Vegas casinos, the bets are to the tune of 0.15 million USD per hand. Therefore, the Asian high rollers affected the game in a big way.

In this way, the game that commenced in Europe and prospered in Asia is witnessing new heights of accessibility in the US. If you play online Baccarat in the US, you need not be astonished if the local casino increases its Baccarat tables continuously. It is largely due to the high potential for gains and an excellent global track record.