Effective ideas to avoid poker addiction during quarantine time

Use these great ideas not to threaten yourself with addiction in pokerclub88 while there’s quarantine time. Apply any or all of our recommendations in the sake of responsible gambling.

Quarantine time is the best time for all enthusiasts, who have never played poker, to give it a try. Finally, they have enough free time to register in pokerclub88 and get used to the game rules. But the quarantine stay home situation is also a good alternative for all experienced poker lovers to play as much as they want. Finally, no more working time or wasting hours of driving back to home can prevent them from spending hours of poker entertainment.

Sounds like the perfect poker image, isn’t it? But there might be something disturbing about all of these. These two groups of poker enthusiasts are threatened by one risk – the risk of poker addiction. Now, when we are staying home for hours and while it’s tough to say what time is it, because solitude blurs the idea for time, we can go too far.

And we are sure you don’t want this to happen to you. Just like you don’t want to catch and spread Covid-19, you don’t want to catch poker addiction. And although completely different, they are both medical diagnoses.

To avoid them, better see our list with the best effective ideas to stay away from the risk of poker addiction during quarantine time:

  1. Play poker during the same time of the day as you used to. Indeed, you can now play more. But when you fit the specific period of the day, you will know that during another daily phase, you are supposed to be somewhere else, doing something else. And you will receive the bonus time from the time you save from driving and being at the outdoors.
  2. Have a stable bankroll poker management system. Even if you fall in the risk of playing too much time poker, eventually the financial limits will stop you. Once you reach the daily limit you will switch from poker to something else.
  3. Speaking of something else, like in past, you should on mandatory get some other things to do apart from poker. And we believe in the conception to fight a bad thing (or the risk of it) with positive attitude, with something good. What we offer you is to add to your daily routine some physical exercises, another hobby and even daily useful activity (spend Monday in cooking, Tuesday – in tidying up the wardrobe, Wednesday – in small home repairs and etc.)
  4. Have an alarm. That’s a very simple, but efficient way to have your time strictly limited. In the beginning you might be a bit annoyed by being interrupted in the middle of the game. However, if you feel yourself at risk, better stick to the alarm idea. If it’s just prevention method, you are allowed to finish your tournament after the alarm signal.