Gamble and Maths

It will not be wrong if I say that gambling is quite a synonym of mathematics. The reason behind these words is that all gambling games are related to mathematics somehow. You may be a wonder to know that in the USA, there is a separate chapter named “Gambling” in their syllabus. Later this chapter was introduced to many countries as “Probability”. Any kind of gambling game is made upon the theories of mathematics. So winning a gambling match is fully depends upon two things. One is to cheat any anyway and another thing is to crack the maths behind every step.

Setting a machine with the help of mathematics and other engineering tactics is okay but when it comes to house edge then it is impossible to beat. House edging is a common method applied by casino authority to make 90% of gamble’s result in favor of them. It is 90% because they want to make you comfortable by winning some of the games. Now there is no doubt that no gambling company will run a business just to test their luck. Not only in offline had gambling but also in online gambling introduced to house edging. Commonly, online house edging is known to us as hacking.

Now the common question will arise how we can beat house edging and make mathematics in our favor? The thing is you can’t beat house edging but I am going to share some tips, not to win the casino. First of all, try to play physical games where the opponent will a person. Try to avoid machine games. If you are an expert then just by looking at your opponent’s face you can surely beat your opponent. Rummy, the bridge is some of the examples.

Second is if you are interested to play machine type game then choose the game where winning possibility is maximum. Suppose you choose a dice-based game and you are allowed to throw it once at a time. The probability of winning is 1/6 times or 16.5%. But if you choose a game where you have to choose one between two or among three then your winning chances will be 50% or 33.3% respectively. At last, if you are winning a game then don’t get involved too much. Try to be happy whatever you have earned. I hope this article will help you to understand the co-relations between gambling and maths.