Some Interesting Facts about Gambling

Gambling is full of facts that can turn anyone on for speaking in favor of gambling, and many are there too who will say a lot more cases where gambling was not a good thing at all. In this article, we will talk about some incidence from history, which are considered as facts about gambling.


We all love sandwiches, but most people don’t know how the sandwiches came into play. It all happened due to the excess practice of gambling. In the past, there was a man whose name was John Mangat. He was so much addicted that most of the time he used to avoid his regular meal. This started affecting his health severely. Seeing this condition, he told his servant to prepare something which he can eat even with one hand only. His servant put some veggies in between the two slices of loaves of bread and gave him to eat. From that day sandwiches came in use in our daily food too.

Breast implant

Could you ever believe that someone can go for breast implants also just for the sake of the winning of any bet? It happened in reality in the past. Once there was a gambler who was too much addicted to gambling that he could do anything to win the bet. Once he got an offer to implant breast in his chest. He did so and won a massive amount for this bet. He kept this breast in his chest for up to 30 years.

Won without interest

Now, what will you say if someone wins the lottery, even he or she is not in favor of gambling and winning if the prize. It happened in the past when one woman purchased the lottery tickets just to prove the point that purchasing lottery tickets is just a waste of money and nothing else. With this purchased lottery, she won the amount of $ one million as a winning amount.

Reconstruction of MGM’s Entrance

The Las Vegas entrance was in the form of one huge golden Lion before it’s current entry gate. Though that was grand, it had to be broken due to some Orthodox beliefs of Chinese people. A lot many numbers of Chinese people used to come there, and they were not in favor of that entrance gate. According to them, going through the mouth of some beast before going to gamble was not a good sign of luck, and instead, it was a bad luck creator for them. For this reason, that entrance gate had to be rebuilt for its current look.