5 Tips from my home poker nights I include in real casino experience

Use these five agen idn poker tips I learnt while playing the game with my friends. Having poker nights with the fellows might teach you a lot of the real money poker tournaments.

My first experience with poker was back in the years, when there were agen idn poker platforms and I was too young to drive the whole way to the nearest ground casino. Instead of playing real money poker games, I arranged poker nights at home with friends. Indeed, I did not become a millionaire from these activities every weekend. However, what I received then is something I am still using and appreciating a lot.

It’s called a pack of lessons I sincerely include in mu current real money poker strategy. It turned out that poker is poker no matter where and how you play it. There are golden rules and effective tricks you can apply in any poker room – whether it’s a standard online cash game or a tournament in Las Vegas you barely succeeded to sign up for.

Since I am a generous person I would like to give you my tips. Here are the five lessons I learnt from my home poker nights and efficiently use in all online poker games I am still participating in:

  1. Drinking alcohol is a really, really bad idea. When I was playing poker with the gang at home we were all drinking beer. And of course, it was fun, because after all we could not lose anything – either our salaries, or our friendship. I never was the best poker player at the table until one day I had to substitute the beer with orange juice as I was on a bad antibiotic treatment. Guess what happened? I became more focused than ever and my decisions were smarter than those the others did. I stopped drinking at poker nights and suddenly I became the leader in our gang.
  2. Knowing my competitors was the best advantage I had in poker. In an online game it’s harder, though, to know how to approach each individual player. Since my poker buddies, though, were people I knew, I succeeded in tricking anybody of them depending on their personalities.
  3. Bluffing is something only people with no fine moves do. I was trying to bluff in real money poker later again and it just never happened to become my thing. I stopped bluffing in real money cash games and I eventually discovered that there is no need to use this strategy in any type of a poker game. It’s much more effective to get faster in making good decisions.
  4. The best poker player at the table is actually your best friend. Because this person is the benchmark in the game. And there’s nothing bad in copying him or her. As a matter of fact, it’s on mandatory to try to do everything possible to reach his level. At one hand, you play with his tricks and manage to win over him. And on the other hand, you take lessons from the best pro at the table.
  5. Last but not least, taking notes is essential in poker. Thank God, I took notes during our poker nights, because if I wasn’t, today, I would not have these tricks for you to share and to make mine, as well as your game better than yesterday. Agree?