5 Crazy facts about slot games

See some of the most interesting five facts related with slot joker games. Find out curious information about your most favorite casino game – the slot machine.

Are you sure you know slot games in details? Do you literally know everything about them? By all means, you will be amazed by the five crazy facts about your favorite slot machines. Check out what we have to tell you about your beloved casino games right away!

Slot game story is actually kind of crazy?

The most widely spread story about the appearance of slot games is related with Brooklyn. It was the end of the 19th century when the slot machine precursor developed a slot machine that borrowed 50 of the 52 standard cards of the poker deck. The idea of this slot machine was to let the players try to form a poker hand for a nickel a game.

Video slot games are not so innovative

Wait, we don’t say that today’s slot games are neither modern nor intelligent. What we try to tell you is that as a matter of fact the first video slot game appeared quite before you think. The first video slot machine was developed in the 1976th year and as some of you might suggest, it was created by Sony. This is the company that actually started the process of making real video games as a whole – for entertainment and for real money.

Slot machines are as addictive as some drugs

Gambling has been listed as one of the riskiest things a mentally weak person can get addicted with. However, if we should point out the “winner” in the chart of the most addictive casino games, by all means, the slot machine is somewhere at the top. According to the scientists slot games can be even more addictive than weed or meth. Many experts believe that card games cannot reach such a level of addiction.

Being skillful in slot machines is actually possible

For those of you who think that slot games are games of luck, we have news for you. It has been actually proven that there is such a thing as a slot machine pro. Usually, the casino experts call not the richest slot players, but those who use mathematic formulas based on probabilities to predict when to stop and get the best of a slot machine.

Japan is the country with the biggest number of slot games

By all means, you used to think it’s the States or at least the UK which owns the biggest number of online slots. Or at least Australia…However, the facts say different things. It is actually Japan with the highest number of slot machines – ground-based. Speaking of which, though, online slot joker games in Asia have become more and more, too. We don’t know when, but it is very possible for Asia to soon become the country with the biggest slot market share as a whole.