What I wish I knew when started playing poker

Here are the tricks I wish I knew when I started playing in judi poker online. See some of the most crucial tips every beginner deserves to know.

I don’t believe in luck as the top important factor to be successful in poker. But I believe today’s beginners in the field are lucky. They receive such a giant amount of resourced, tutorials and tips to have in mind before they make their first deposit in judi poker online. By all means, if I had such a source of knowledge in my first early days in poker I would have not registered so many catastrophic losses.

So I decided to protect you from making such losses, too. For this purpose I have written for you this material. Here’s where I will discuss some of the things I wished I knew in my early poker days. Thankfully, you will know them in a couple of minutes, so you can start your poker trial more confidently and protected:

  1. Positions are more important than the cards you are holding. The more you play depending on your position the better style you will create for your future poker career. On mandatory, consider positions – not only yours, but also your opponent’s – in every move you make at the poker table.
  2. Increase the limits of your poker stakes in a parallel of the increase of your experience. It means that you can rise your regular bets only when you feel not such a beginner as you are right now. Of course, don’t accept that tip as an invitation to be the next “all in scam” at the poker table in a couple of months.
  3. Being tight at the poker table is something I did and by the way, something you will be recommended in many learning poker-related platforms. Well, as an experienced player with more than 10 years in the field, I am telling you – being tight is not right. Being tight could be beneficial in a few cases and when you get suddenly too aggressive.
  4. Know the flow of your money. And I mean – the inner and the outer flow. For this purpose you can simply have a bankroll management system of the simplest type you can imagine. By the way, revising it on a regular basis and depending on your progress in judi poker online is a must. Otherwise, such a bankroll management system can slow your advance down.
  5. Know the game you are the great and skillful and don’t avoid the poker format you have a little bit of knowledge. The second poker game might be the stimulation for you never to stop learning, which is crucial in playing poker.

I truly wish you will be more successful than me in my first early poker beginner’s days. If you follow the guides here you will definitely avoid plenty of risks I experienced.